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CS4 Touring | Discover ATR | Discover H/T | Lifeliner GLS

CS4 Touring

The CS4 Touring is Cooper’s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling in a touring tire. The CS4 Touring is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles including passenger cars, minivans, small SUVs and crossovers (CUV).

The chemistry coupled silica and carbon black compound allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear. An optimized polymer matrix allows the compound to remain pliable at lower temperatures while contributing to lower rolling resistance.

The innovative 5 rib tread design incorporates numerous features to provide for excellent stability, traction and treadwear.

Utilizing ventless technology in the tread area, the CS4 Touring exhibits a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Discover ATR

The Discover ATR is Cooper’s premium all-terrain SUV and light truck tire designed as an original equipment replacement for drivers who want increased traction without sacrificing ride comfort and quite ride. The Discover ATR is suitable for a wide range of SUVs, crossovers (CUV) and light trucks, and vans up to 1 ton carrying capacity.

A solid center rib improves steering response while reducing noise. High density “zigzag” stripes enhances wet traction and winter performance on snow and ice. Four wide, notched circumferential grooves offer resistance to hydroplaning while improving snow traction.

Discover H/T

The Discover H/T is Cooper’s premium touring SUV/light truck original equipment replacement tire. It is designed for drivers who want ride comfort, all-season traction and a premium warranty in a highway touring tire. The Discover H/T is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including SUVs, crossovers (CUV) and light trucks, and vans up to 1 ton.

As part of their refined shape, the tread elements are strategically chamfered at the sawtooth circumferencial grooves and also at the tip of the center elements to increase element stability to fight irregular wear.

Using state of the art Vtech computer aided engineering, an optimum mold profile was designed to provide favorable balance of wear and handling characteristics.

Lifeliner GLS

The Lifeliner GLS is Cooper’s first line all-season touring tire designed for consumers looking for touring performance in a modestly-priced tire. It is ideally suited as a replacement set of tires on the vehicle. The Lifeliner GLS fits a wide range of automobiles requiring an S- or T-rated touring tire, both foreign and domestic.

A notched, solid center rib, along with a refined tread element shape, helps provide even treadwear. Shoulder slotting is also designed for resistance to irregular wear while providing sold all-season performance.

The compounding used in the Lifeliner GLS has been formulated for long wear and all weather grip to provide consumers with value and dependability in a variety of conditions.

The five-rib all season design employs a computer enhanced sound quality system that optimizes the tread patterns pitch sequence for a quiet ride.


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